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The Kimberley Experience - with Trinity Handley

Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 6:28 PM

In the lead up to our Round 15 clash with East Fremantle in Kununurra, a few lucky Claremont Football Club representatives took the opportunity to travel throughout the Kimberley region, visiting schools and communities to run football clinics and deliver various presentations, all while learning a little bit about the local ways of life.

The travelling party consisted of Claremont Football Club Players Andrew Browne, Trinity Handley and Jake Murphy, Football Operations Manager Dean Horsington, League Assistant Coach Wayne Orsi and Football Operations Assistant Warren Parker who all travelled to Kununurra a few days before the rest of the playing squad.

The party broke up and travelled in different directions to cover as much ground as possible.

Trinity Handley was kind enough to share some of his experience with us.


WHEN the possibility of travelling up to the Kimberly to represent the Claremont Football Club on some community visits was put to me, I was genuinely excited to put my hand up. I knew I wouldn’t regret it.

After arriving in Kununurra, a small travelling party consisting of Warren Parker (CFC), Ryan and Scott from Garnduwa, (an organization based in the Kimberly to develop sport and recreation in remote Kimberly communities) and myself paid visits to Warman, Red Hill, Doon Doon, Kununurra Senior High School and Halls Creek Senior High School where we had the opportunity to meet the locals and have a kick with the kids.

Thanks to the Claremont Football Club for the opportunity and to all staff involved including those from Garnduwa, the Community Teachers and the Clontarf staff and volunteers.

The following is a short diary entry describing one of our early morning training sessions.

“Driving through the Kimberly on the Great Northern Highway you can’t help but feel another world away from the endless urban sprawl of our state’s southern capital. The weather is about as warm as the people and there is a relaxed way of doing things. Perhaps the most obvious point of difference is the abundance of uncompromised natural beauty. Burnt red rock regularly juts out of an otherwise surprisingly green landscape while overhead, the blue half dome sky ensures that the temperature remains somewhere between pleasant and unpleasantly hot. It’s rugged and quite handsome.

Then there’s the footy…

Warm up starts at 6:30am. I love a sleep in, but if 7 year olds are capable of getting themselves to school at that hour then the surely so can I. Truth is, it’s the best part of the day. Light, crisp, a real sense of achievement.

20 odd bleary eyed kids greet us as we arrive and perhaps a dozen more filter through during a fairly typical warm up. A few skill drills follow but let’s not kid ourselves - the scratch match is always the main event. The group is divided into roughly two equal teams and the excitement of playing a game gets the better of me too as I find a patch of grass on the half back flank in the hope of getting a kick or two.

Ages range from 7 to 16 and despite their on-field dominance, older kids know to look after their younger counterparts. Few umpiring decisions are made and there is no clearly defined boundary line either however there is order in the apparent disorder. Everything works just fine.

The beautiful part of it is the amount of enjoyment the kids get out of just playing the game. Without fear, unrestrained by the team rules and structures that dominate senior football. Some actually giggle as they run away with the ball. It takes me back to my own earliest memories of the game”

- Trinity Handley

Round 16 "Tiger Talk" - with Jake Murphy

Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 6:26 PM
Round 16 Vs. South Fremantle

After a come from behind win in the sweltering heat of Kunnarra, the tigers boys were back to the cold reality that was Perth. The task this week was the ever-improving South Fremantle. A team who despite being positioned on the bottom of the WAFL ladder, were in good form of late and we only have to rewind 4 weeks to their 12-goal domination against East Fremantle to remind our selves of what they can do.

The reserves team was in desperate need of a victory and they were buoyed by the inclusions of Ryan Neates and Sharrod Wellingham, while Luke Blackwell was given the green light to run out the whole game. Unfortunately despite the strong midfield dominance, they boys squandered a half time lead to lose the game by 21 points. Leaving them 2 and a half wins outside the top 4. This left it up to the League team to make sure the club came home with a win as both the colts and now reserves had gone down.

After a strong first half, we were in complete control and if it wasn’t for some poor shots on goal, we could have had the game sown up. This poor accuracy in front of goals would come back to bite us, as South got an early jump in the 3rd quarter and ended up kicking 6 unanswered goals to have the game tied up at 3 quarter time.  

The last quarter was neck and neck and went for a physically demanding 38 minutes. The boys were out on their feet, there was stoppage after stoppage in South Fremantle’s forward line as we were trying to hold onto a 4 point lead. They had several chances late in the game but their best chance came with less than 30 seconds to go and if it wasn’t for a lunging tackle from Nick Winmar we could have been on the wrong side of a tight game.

Although it wasn’t our best performance there is no denying that good sides find a way to win, no matter the situation, and this was a classic example of that.

Round 16 was also the Naidoc round, were every club wore a specially designed jumper and celebrates the Aboriginal and Torres straight islander cultures and recognizes the contributions of indigenous Australians in various fields. Claremont has always had a strong history of indigenous players and had non greater than the 1981 Claremont premiership pair and brothers Jimmy and Phil Krakouer.

This week also saw the boys hold their annual Ladies night upstairs in the members lounge at Claremont Oval. Now ladies night is a lot of hard work. The Boys have to set themselves for a big couple of weeks in the gym and their diet is strictly tuna and almonds. After the match, the boys quickly shoot off to the nearest pharmacist and purchase enough fake tan to make Victoria Beckham proud. The once milky white Richard Cronin transforms to tall tanned rooster!

Throughout the night some select players perform skits, amongst other things, onstage to provide some quality entertainment for the female guests. There were a lot of strong performances but it’s very hard to go past Ethan Panizza, whose sharp dance moves and muscular frame had the girls begging for more.

This week presents another huge challenge as we host Swan Districts at Claremont Oval. Swans had a big win against Perth last week and will no doubt come to play!

by Jake Murphy

2013 CFC Banquet Auction

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 11:53 AM


SILENT AUCTION commencing at 5.30pm in the Sportsmans Bar

Followed by the MAIN AUCTION in the Members Lounge – seating at 7.30pm

You are invited to attend this popular event

$130 per person all inclusive of hors d’oeuvres and drinks at the Silent Auction plus bargains galore, a scrumptious 3 course dinner, drinks, tea, coffee at the Main Auction with plenty of great items up for auction.  Our fantastic Auctioneer Tiny Holly is back for another year.




Some of the items available at the auction include:

Art, Jewellery, Sporting memorabilia, white goods, holiday & restaurant vouchers, homewares, fashion clothing, cartons of wine, tools and much much more!

You may also like to donate

Make the most of this great promotional opportunity and involve your business in the Club’s major fund-raising event for 2013.  Please consider donations of items / products / services or cash that you are able to donate.    Flyers for the tables are welcome plus your company name will be published in the Banquet Auction Catalogue and the Annual Report.

CONTACT THE CLUB OFFICE FOR BOOKINGS & DONATIONS– Phone:  9384 9200 / Fax: 9384 5563



Colts: Round 17 Broome Match Report

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 5:53 PM

It was an historic occasion last weekend as our game against Swan Districts was taken to Broome in the first WAFL Colts fixture to be played outside the metropolitan area for premiership points. A joint initiative between the two clubs, the match was moved to showcase the talent from the State’s North West and, from our perspective, it was certainly a worthwhile exercise.

Our Kimberley zone is full of untapped indigenous talent, and the opportunity to expose the best colts aged players in the region to our club’s pathway was invaluable.

Six players from our team flew to Broome last Thursday to join another twenty who were selected following the Kimberley Colts Championships held in Fitzroy Crossing in June. Rowen Powell (Broome), Joel Fiegert (Kununurra), Francis Watson (Balgo) and Shane McAdam (Halls Creek), all hail from the north of our State and they made the trip, along with Jordan Law and Jared Hardisty.

The contribution of these players was to be a crucial component of the trip as we sought to expose the Kimberley boys to some different training methods in our two sessions together before the game.

Our new teammates embraced the training and proved to be a great group to work with, whilst our boys marvelled at the amazing skill level on show from the first session until the game on Saturday afternoon.

The boys also had an important role to play in a workshop conducted by sponsor Leighton Contractors on Friday morning. The opportunity to combine football with a traineeship or apprenticeship was explored, and our boys spoke openly with the group about their experiences when first arriving in Perth and the importance of engaging in something worthwhile outside of football.

Swan Districts also flew some Perth based players in for the game and made up their side with players from their Pilbara zone. The game, played at the Father McMahon Oval in temperatures exceeding 30 degrees, was an amazing exhibition of open, free flowing football. Stoppages were scarce, high marks were the order of the day, and Claremont piled on the goals as the inside prowess of our Perth based players complimented the outside games of our Kimberley boys beautifully.

Javen Pye (Yakanarra) kicked five goals and was a standout in the forward line, whilst Zenneth Cox (Halls Creek), Leighton Bilgin (Fitzroy Crossing) and Ezekial McKenzie (Broome) controlled proceedings in the midfield. Other players of note included Lucas Long (Halls Creek) who excelled at both ends of the ground, and defender Basil Althouse (Kununurra). Shane McAdam was a worthy winner of the John Jones medal as Claremont’s best player.

The trip was superbly coordinated and supported by Kimberley sport and recreation provider Garnduwa, who play a leading role in engaging youth in a range of sporting and personal development programs. Garnduwa CEO Alan Bishop was a driving force behind establishing the game, whilst Mick Albert, Michael Farmer and their staff made the initiative work and deserve real credit for the quality job that they are doing up there.

Our Kimberley players now have a very real affiliation with the Claremont Football Club thanks to these people, and also have a significantly clearer football and employment pathway available to them.

A big thank you must also be directed to all the Claremont Football Club Staff and Volunteers who had a hand in the organization and implementation of the event. There was plenty of ground work to be done to get this off of the ground and the efforts of those people must certainly not go without praise.

And finally, thank you to the Kimberley Regional Service Providers (KRSP) who had a huge hand in the funding of this event. None of this could be done without funding, and the budget list can grow very quickly with travel involved, so we thank KRSP for their contribution and support.

Ben Dyer - CFC Colts Head Coach


Match Results:

Claremont 33.14.212 def Swan Districts 4.9.33

Goal Scorers:

Claremont: 5 - S.McAdam, J.Scanlon, J.Pye, 3 - G.Stretch, 2 - J.Fiegert, M.Sampi, F.Watson, 1 - J.Thomas, Z.Cox, J.Hardisty, T.Bin Busu, L.Long, J.Leach, B.Althouse, A.Dryden, E.McKenzie

Swan Districts: 2 - D.Nelson, 1 - C.Lill, K.Cook


Claremont - S.Mcadam, Z.Cox, J.Hardisty, J.Pye, F.Watson

Swan Districts - C.Lill, D.Coppin, I.Razali, C.Cross, C.Firns



Swans Too Good

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 12:03 PM

Claremont’s disquieting mid-season slump continued at Claremont Oval on Saturday when the side succumbed to the intense pressure applied by Swan Districts and slumped to a 39-point defeat.

The loss should act as a wake-up call as the finals draw closer. It came after less-than-convincing efforts against East Fremantle and South Fremantle on the two previous Saturdays when Claremont scraped home by four points and three points.

It was Claremont’s second defeat in 15 matches this season and the side has a clear lead on the premiership table. However, it left the Tigers in some danger of losing top spot to West Perth and the right to play the second semi-final at home.       

Claremont’s final five qualifying-round matches are against Subiaco (away), East Perth (home), Swan Districts (home), Perth (away) and East Fremantle (away).

The Tigers were never really fully switched on against the Swans, who arrived at Claremont Oval full of confidence and with great self-belief. The Swans were on a mission and they were like a well-oiled machine which rarely missed a beat. At no stage did the Swans ease their endeavour, and Claremont simply wilted under the relentless and ruthless pressure.

It was a reminder to other premiership aspirants that Claremont certainly are not invincible and that the race for the flag is far from a forgone conclusion. Much hard work and dedication lies ahead for the Tigers.

Claremont certainly have been hit extremely hard this year by injury, with several top-line players being sidelined for lengthy periods with serious injuries. The good news on Saturday was that star midfielders Luke Blackwell and Andrew Foster were able to resume. But the bad news is that the side’s wonderful captain Andrew Browne sustained a quadriceps strain and will be on the sidelines for a few weeks.

A disappointing aspect of Claremont’s performance against Swans included the inability of the side to score a goal in the final quarter after managing only one goal (which came from some undisciplined play by Swans) in the second quarter.

The Tigers trailed by 32 points at half-time before giving their supporters considerable cause for optimism by slamming home six goals to two in the third term to trail by only eight points at three-quarter time. But it was a false dawn, a mirage as Swans stormed home and held the home side goalless in the final 31 minutes of the contest.

Heartening news for Claremont was that Blackwell and Foster pulled up in good shape and are sure to show great benefit from the outing. Blackwell had 13 kicks, made 16 effective handpasses and gained ten clearances from stoppages. Foster had 12 kicks and made 11 effective handpasses. He gained seven clearances.

The indefatigable Jake Murphy was again a bundle of energy who showed the way with 25 kicks, eight effective handpasses, ten clearances and six inside 50s. Mark Seaby was the dominant ruckman in the match and he finished with 12 clearances.

The Tigers had the first use of the wind, but Swans had two goals on the board in the opening four minutes after Charlie Cameron brought up full points with the contest only 80 seconds old and Tony Notte getting the first of his five goals after receiving a free-kick.

Foster showed up early with two great tackles and it took the Tigers just over seven minutes to open their account. A great spoil by James Thomson on Notte enabled David Crawford to boot the ball forward where Ben Daniher leapt and tapped the ball superbly to Paul Medhurst, whose long shot went through for a goal.

Crawford again got the Tigers out of defence and an excellent long kick by Medhurst found Nick Winmar at left half-forward. Winmar’s short pass was marked by Liam Smith for the side’s second goal. Then Blackwell, Jack Bradshaw and Murphy combined to get the ball to Medhurst, whose point levelled the scores.

Claremont hit the front after Blackwell handpassed to Matt Davies, who used his non-preferred right boot to send the ball forward where Chad Jones took a strong contested mark against Tallan Ames before going back slam home the first of his four goals.

A supercharged start to the second term had the Tigers reeling. Half-forward flanker Ryan Davis had a goal on the board after 34 seconds and the visitors scored another three goals in the next eight minutes before Claremont replied with a goal at the 11-minute mark after Murphy had received a free-kick and a 50m penalty.

But Swans regained control and booted the next two goals to go into the half-time break with a handy 32-point margin.

Again it took only exactly 34 seconds for the first goal of the third term --- and this time it was the Tigers who were first out of the blocks. Seaby thumped the ball forward at the opening bounce and Browne’s soccered kick was marked by Jones for his second major.

Swans hit back with a poster and a goal before Blackwell passed to Richardson, whose kick was marked in the left pocket by Jones. A behind was the result. Then Jones took two more marks for two goals, the first coming after Daniher had cleared from half-back and Murphy’s right-foot torpedo was marked by Mitch Andrews. Andrews handballed to Bradshaw, whose kick found Jones.

Two minutes later a Swans clearing kick sailed out of bounds on the full and Tom Taylor’s free-kick went to Jones for another goal. But Browne, who had been a driving force, was forced to leave the field after 15 minutes with a sore quadriceps.

Another two minutes later Andrews won the tap at a boundary throw-in in the left pocket and Foster was retarded illegally to earn a free-kick which he converted into Claremont’s eighth goal. Davis replied with an accurate snap and then Ian Richardson scored a goal from a free-kick after a forward move involving Foster, Seaby and Murphy.

This was followed by a marvellous individual effort from Liam Smith, who gained possession at half-back, dashed forward and took a couple of bounces before handballing to Daniher. Smith kept running and accepted the handpass from Daniher before surging forward and booting the ball to the top of the goalsquare where Anton Hamp received interference in the marking duel. Hamp’s goal was followed by a snapped point from Murphy and a long shot from Keifer Yu being touched through for another point.

A six goal to two third quarter should have invigorated the Claremont men. But Swans reasserted their authority and outscored the Tigers five goals to nil in the final term. A highlight early in the quarter was when Crawford applied tremendous pressure on Swans ruckman Rory Lobb as he was about to take a shot at goal from point blank range. Crawford lunged desperately to tackle Lobb and this forced his kick to slew off the boot and trickle out of bounds in the right pocket.

Swans then raced away with the contest and the convincing victory will give them great confidence when they travel to Claremont Oval again for the round 22 match against the Tigers.

Match Details:

Swan Districts 16.14 (110) beat Claremont 10.11 (71).

Scorers---SWAN DISTRICTS: T. Notte 5.2; T. Geappen 3.2; R. Davis 2.2; C. Cameron 2.1; D. Garlett 1.3; A. Elari, T. Roach, B. Robinson 1.0; A. Faulkner, M. Rogers 0.12; 2pts forced. CLAREMONT: C. Jones 4.1; P. Medhurst 1.3; J. Murphy, I. Richardson 1.1; A. Foster, A. Hamp, L. Smith 1.0; L. Blackwell, N. Winmar, K. Yu 0.1; 2pts forced.

Best---SWAN DISTRICTS: R. Davis, T. Notte, A. Elari, B. Robinson, J. Bennell, W. Twomey, M. Rogers. CLAREMONT: J. Murphy, L. Blackwell, M. Seaby, A. Browne, A. Foster, I. Richardson.

By Ken Casellas

WAFL Round 17 Results

Monday, July 15, 2013 - 1:55 PM

SWAN Districts and Perth moved up a position each on the WAFL ladder to third and fourth respectively after beating Claremont and Subiaco in the only two Round 17 matches on Saturday.

With East Perth sitting out the action for the second weekend in-a-row, Swan Districts and Perth both took advantage to move above the Royals with victories on Saturday afternoon but East Perth is only percentage behind the two teams with a game in hand.

Swan Districts shot up to third position beating Claremont emphatically 16.14 (110) to 10.11 (71) at Claremont Oval as the black-and-whites handed the Tigers just their second defeat of the 2013 season.

It was Swans' fifth win in their last six games to see them rocket up the ladder and the 39-point win over Claremont came despite West Coast-listed small forward Murray Newman walking off at quarter-time and departing the ground.

Jarrad Blight and Alex Howard were also hindered by niggling ankle complaints throughout the second half, but Swans' weren’t to be deterred and ran away with the contest with the only five goals of the last quarter.

Tony Notte was terrific in attack for Swan Districts kicking five goals while Tim Geappen added three, Ryan Davis two and young gun Charlie Cameron two.

Rory Lobb did all he could in the ruck against Mark Seaby with 13 touches and 14 hit outs in just his fifth league game. At his feet, Aaron Elari picked up 23 possessions, Matt Riggio 21, Adam Faulkner 20, Tom Roach 19 and Brett Robinson 18.

Swans' defence was also terrific led by Kyle Hams' job on Paul Medhurst while Wayde Twomey racked up 23 disposals, Jamie Bennell 23 and Graham Jetta 19.

Claremont's midfield was bolstered by the return of Luke Blackwell and Andrew Foster. Blackwell finished with 30 possessions and 10 clearances with Foster picking up 24 disposals to go with eight tackles and a goal.

Jake Murphy racked up 33 possessions to go with 10 clearances, six inside 50s and a goal while Mark Seaby had 24 touches, 44 hit outs and 12 clearances in the ruck.

Chad Jones kicked four goals up forward for the Tigers.

CLICK HERE for more WAFL Round 17 Results

Courtesy of


Claremont 10.11.71 def by Swan Districts 16.14.110

Claremont 7.10.52 def by Swan Districts 13.16.94

COLTS (Broome)
Claremont 33.14.212 def Swan Districts 4.9.33

Reserves:Neates Resumes In Style

Monday, July 15, 2013 - 1:08 PM

It was a sight to gladden the hearts of the Claremont faithful --- winger Ryan Neates twice bursting downfield in the space of 60 seconds to drive the Tigers into attack in the first quarter of the match against South Fremantle at Fremantle Oval on Saturday.

Neates, returning to action after a few weeks on the sidelines with a troublesome knee, showed enough in his first appearance in the reserves side this year that he is ready to return to the league side.

It was typical Neates 15 minutes into the first quarter as he sped downfield, took a bounce and booted the ball deep into the forward line. The Bulldogs repulsed the move. But it was Neates again a minute later, taking a mark on the left wing, accelerating, taking a bounce and then handpassing to Coleman Christinelli.

Neates finished the match with seven kicks, ten effective handpasses, two tackles and four inside 50s. It was also heartening to watch champion midfielder Luke Blackwell taking another strong step forward in his comeback after being on the sideline for 11 weeks recovering from a serious ankle injury.

Blackwell, in his second appearance for the reserves, was solid and effective in a 20-disposal display, which included a team high tally of seven clearances at stoppages and three inside 50s, as well as a team high tally of five tackles.

Despite the solid contributions from Neates and Blackwell and the inclusion of West Coast Eagles midfielder Sharrod Wellingham Claremont stumbled to a 21-point defeat at the hands of a more purposeful combination.

A pleasing feature for Claremont was the auspicious debut of left-foot forward Hayden Yarran, who showed plenty of skill and finished with three of the side’s eight goals.

The Tigers began with considerable gusto and had a goal on the board after two minutes, a snap from Ben Taylor, following some strong work from Sam Lamont. The Bulldogs replied four minutes later, with a goal to Marlon Pickett, courtesy of a 50m penalty.

Josh Tilley was in control in the ruck against Myles Bolger and Yarran dribbled the ball through for a clever goal after some good work from Hamish Murray and Taylor. Neither side scored a goal for the next 11 minutes before Yarran got his second right on the quarter-time siren after receiving Taylor and earning a free-kick.

South Fremantle lifted their rating and posted the first two goals of the second term to take the lead by two points. But Claremont fought back with two late goals to go into the half-time break with a ten-point advantage.  

Taylor handpassed to Cristinelli at half-back and Cristinelli’s kick was marked by Keegan Knott for the first of those two goals. Then a strong Blackwell tackle enabled Neates to gain possession, and the Neates kick was marked in the right pocket by Tilley for the next. An excellent pass from Ethan Panizza was marked by Peter Mark, but only a point resulted.

But the Tigers fell away and added only three goals in the second half while the Bulldogs scored eight. Claremont’s two third-quarter goals came from Yarran and Wellingham. First, it was a pass from Neates which found Wellingham, whose shot fell short. But it was marked by Yarran, who booted his third goal.

Late in the quarter an attacking sortie involving Mark, Jake Colvin and Taylor resulted in half-back flanker Luke Falconer taking a mark. Falconer booted the ball high to the goalsquare where Wellingham pulled down an excellent mark before kicking truly from point-blank range.

The Tigers frittered away some opportunities early in the last quarter and Karl Hogan and the dangerous John Sgherza put the result beyond doubt when each took a strong mark and kicked a goal. Claremont’s solitary goal for the term came at the 19-minute mark after Murray handpassed to Blackwell, who delivered a perfect pass to Knott for his second.

It was a disappointing performance from Claremont and the side is now languishing in eighth position on the premiership table with five wins, one draw and eight losses.


South Fremantle 11.14 (80) beat Claremont 8.11 (59).

Scorers---SOUTH FREMANTLE: J. Sgherza 3.4; K. Smith 2.1; M. Pickett 2.0; M. Bolger, S. Burnett, A van Manen, J. Winter 1.0; R. Adams, J. D’Vauz, J. Hall, J. Laurino, S. Panizza 0.1; 3pts forced. CLAREMONT: H. Yarran 3.2; K. Knott 2.1; B. Taylor, J. Tilley, S. Wellingham 1.0; L. Blackwell, C. Cristinelli, N. Gajewski, P. Mark 0.1; 4pts forced.

Best---SOUTH FREMANTLE: J. Winter, R. Adams, J. Sgherza, J. Laurino, K. Smith, M. Bolger, S. Burnett, W. Andreoli. CLAREMONT: R. Neates, L. Blackwell, C. Cristinelli, H. Yarran, H. Breakey, S. Wellingham, L. Falconer, J. McPhee, J. Richardson.


By Ken Casellas


Tuesday, July 9, 2013 - 2:02 PM

Claremont Members and Supporters are invited to join us and support the Mighty Tigers as we take on West Adelaide from AAMI Stadium in the Semi Final of the 2013 FOXTEL CUP.

This function will be held at the Paddington Ale House on Tuesday 16th July from 6.00pm until the conclusion of the match with some nibbles available at the venue and refreshments available for purchase over the bar.

We encourage all Members and Supporters to put on their Yellow & Blue and head down to the Paddington to watch the live telecast of the match and enjoy a few beers with the Claremont Faithful.



CLAREMONT vs. WEST ADELAIDE (live from AAMI Stadium)

Paddington Ale House

Tuesday 16th July

6.00pm - 10.00pm

Free Entry (*Bar Prices will apply for refreshments)


990 Information Radio's WAFL Match of the Day

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 - 1:37 PM

The 990 Information Radio commentary travel to Claremont Oval this Saturday for the clash between top four combatants Claremont and Swan Districts.

The coverage commences at 2.00pm with bounce down to the game at 2.05pm.


990 Information Radio WAFL “Match of the Day"

Saturday 13h July

Claremont v Swan Districts @ Claremont Oval

Coverage 2.00pm- 5.00pm

Bouncedown @ 2.05pm

WAFL Round 16 Results

Monday, July 8, 2013 - 11:54 AM

THE WAFL's top-two teams Claremont and West Perth escaped with tight wins over the league's bottom two sides in Saturday's Round 16 action while Swan Districts took Perth's fourth position and East Fremantle stayed alive in the finals race.

The four matches were all played on Saturday afternoon with Claremont holding on to beat South Fremantle 13.16 (94) to 14.6 (90) at Fremantle Oval while West Perth beat Peel 15.11 (101) to 13.7 (85) at Mandurah's Bendigo Bank Stadium.

The other two games weren’t quite as tight with Swan Districts thrashing Perth 24.12 (156) to 10.7 (67) at Bassendean's Steel Blue Oval and East Fremantle thumping Subiaco 17.21 (123) to 8.9 (57) at Leederville's Medibank Stadium.

The results leave Claremont (13-1) still clear on top of the ladder after 16 rounds followed by West Perth (10-4) and East Perth (8-5). Then it gets tight with Swan Districts (7-6) fourth, Perth (7-6) fifth, East Fremantle (6-8) sixth and Subiaco (5-8) seventh. Peel (3-11) is eighth and South Fremantle (2-12) last.

Claremont led by 34 points at quarter-time against South Fremantle but the Bulldogs then kicked the next seven goals straight to hit the lead in the final term before the Tigers steadied to win by four points.

Jack Bradshaw had a day out for the Tigers finishing with six goals from 25 possessions and seven marks and he was Claremont's only multiple goal scorer.

Claremont skipper Andrew Browne picked up 36 possessions to go with 10 inside-50 entries and a goal. Jake Murphy gathered 31 disposals, Ben Daniher 26 and ruckman Mark Seaby 23 to go with a massive 59 hit outs as South Fremantle battled without ruckman Sean Tighe.

Paul Mugambwa and Ashton Hams kicked three goals each for the Bulldogs as did Mitch Banner to go with his 27 possessions.

Craig White picked up 25 disposals, Haiden Schloithe 24, Ryan Cook 22, Dylan Ross 22 and Adam McIntosh 21.

CLICK HERE for more WAFL Round 16 Results

Courest of



South Fremantle 14.6.90 def by Claremont 13.16.94

South Fremantle 11.14.80 def Claremont 8.11.59

South Fremantle 12.11.83 def Claremont 4.8.32