Bentley's Quartet From A Wing

Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 11:34 AM

Star footballers are often referred to as Rolls Royce performers, but it was a sleek Bentley of the Maximillian variety who gave a turbo-charged display and provided the highlight of Claremont’s runaway 118-point thrashing of bottom side Swan Districts at Claremont Oval on Saturday.

Max Bentley exploded into action to dominate the third quarter in which he booted four of his side’s five goals.

No, the 18-year-old Bentley is not a key forward. He produced his remarkable fireworks playing on the left wing. The former Scotch College student has been a resolute and dependable defender, mainly on a half-back flank, and, at times, in a back pocket for much of the season.

Coach Ben Dyer switched him to a wing for the round 19 match against Subiaco at Leederville Oval on July 27 --- and he has flourished as an aggressive, attacking wingman since then.

There were many outstanding performers on a sunny morning when the Tigers had 13 individual goalscorers in the lop-sided contest against a side experimenting with several 16 and 17-year-olds.

The Tigers cannot afford to get carried away by the ease of the victory and they will need to be fully switched on to meet powerful challenges from Perth and East Fremantle in the final two rounds of qualifying matches.  Claremont will clash with Perth at Lathlain Park on Saturday this week, fully mindful that the Demons have won 11 matches in a row.

Claremont defeated Perth by 46 points in a round 8 fixture on May 4. However, the Demons have shown considerable improvement since then.

Some of the many features of Claremont’s victory on Saturday included a masterly performance on a half-back flank by Jack Beeck, an almost flawless display from Rowen Powell at centre-half-back, Darcy Cameron’s control of the ruck duels and his ability to take 12 marks and kick three goals, and a dynamic 23-kick performance by midfielder Harry Court.

The only downside was an ankle injury sustained half-way through the third quarter by hard-working and fearless rover Jordan Law. 

It was Law who scored the opening goal after marking a pass from Court with the digital scoreboard clock showing that six minutes and 30 seconds had been played.  Beeck was playing with great dash and assurance and he burst through the centre to deliver a delightful short pass with his natural left foot to a leading Eddie Simpson for goal No. 2.

The third goal came at the 16-minute mark after Bailey Rogers drove the ball forward with a long kick. He was flattened while delivering the ball and Nick Steens was awarded a free-kick where the ball landed in the left pocket. This gave Steens the first of his two goals in the space of two minutes. His next major came after he gained possession on the right flank.

Powell and Jordan Crockett then combined to get the ball to Beeck, who kicked truly from a difficult angle deep in the left pocket. The sixth goal came just a few seconds before the quarter-time siren after Jack Carruthers capitalised on some good work from Cameron, Law and Jyrin Woods.

A five-goal second term gave the Tigers a commanding 61-point lead at half-time, 11.8 to 2.1. Big forward Jake Jones got things moving with a pass with his non-preferred left foot to Cameron for the opening goal of the quarter. Soon after that Cameron handpassed to Woods, whose shot at goal was marked by Jones one metre out for the next major.

Then followed a ten-minute goal drought, during which time Powell continued to excel at centre-half-back. Eventually the next goal came after Woods fought hard to start an attacking move involving Harry Wilkinson, Law, Powell and Beeck and ending with a mark to Simpson for his second goal.

It was Ben Higgs to Court for the next goal and Cameron scored his side’s eleventh following a move started at left half-back by Beeck, who passed to Court. Winger Aaron Birch continued the move and he delivered to forward Francis Watson, whose low, short pass found Cameron.

The third quarter belonged to Bentley, playing on the left wing. He dashed forward in the opening minute to steer through a marvellous goal from long range. Then followed four behinds in a seven-minute period during which Joel Fiegert flew to take a spectacular mark and Powell continued in grand form.

It was Bentley who set up the next goal, gaining possession on the left wing and handpassing to Law before charging forward to accept the handpass from Law and then booting his second. Watson got into the act with the next goal, following a Jared Hardisty kick from half-back, a two-bounce burst from Woods and a pass from Higgs.

Bentley got the next goal from long range after a surging run. Mason Whitehead was playing strongly deep in defence and he was the architect of a move which finished with Court, whose shot grazed a gaol post. Powell, Higgs and Watson were enjoying themselves and Bentley booted his fourth goal late in the quarter, from 55m out, following marks and accurate passes from Cameron and Higgs.   

Claremont added two more goals in the first two minutes of the final term. It was a Bentley handpass to Powell which set up the first of these, a long shot by Higgs from the right flank. Then Steens handballed to Court, whose pass was marked by Cameron for the big man’s third major.

Higgs was having a ball and he recorded a “poster” shortly before he drove the ball forward where Woods steered a goal with his left boot. Whitehead ventured downfield and joined the list of goalkickers after a move involving Fiegert, Steens and Higgs.

With two minutes remaining Beeck capped a wonderful performance by earning a free-kick at half-forward and then a 50m penalty which he converted into Claremont’s 21st goal.

By Ken Casellas



Claremont 21.19 (145) beat Swan Districts 4.3 (27).

Scorers---CLAREMONT: M. Bentley 4.0; D. Cameron 3.0; J. Beeck, E. Simpson, N. Steens 2.0; B. Higgs 1.6; F. Watson 1.3; J. Woods 1.2; H. Court, J. Law 1.1; J. Fiegert 0.2; R. Powell 0.1; 1pt forced. SWAN DISTRICTS: T. Yorkshire 2.0; J. Daniels, W. Bielawski 1.1; C. Daniels 0.1.

Best---CLAREMONT: J. Beeck, R. Powell, H. Court, D. Cameron, M. Bentley, B. Higgs, A. Birch, N. Steens, J. Fiegert. SWAN DISTRICTS: J. Daniels, L. Ridley, B. Whitsed, W. Bielawski, T. Yorkshire.

Handley Returns In Style

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 2:48 PM

Claremont continued their powerful march into the finals with an emphatic 59-point demolition of Swan Districts at Claremont Oval on Saturday when the Tigers restricted the Swans to just 9.11 in fine conditions.

There were numerous reasons for this modest total. One was the return to action of Trinity Handley, who excelled in his battle against dangerous Swans key forward Tim Geappen, restricting him to just one goal, a snap early in the third quarter.

Other reasons included a dominant midfield, which not only provided the Claremont forwards with a feast of opportunities, but also restricted the opposition’s attacking sorties. And another was the general efficiency of the entire Claremont defence, in which Jesse Laurie was outstanding.

It was a grand return to league action by Handley, who was making only his sixth league appearance for the season, and his first since he fractured a bone in a leg late in the round-six match against West Perth on April 20. The Tigers also welcomed the return of centre-half-forward Anton Hamp, who was injured in the match against Subiaco on July 27.

The only disheartening aspect of the day was the injury received by captain Andrew Browne, who damaged his left shoulder late in the opening quarter and is unlikely to be unfit for the next two matches. Browne, who received a quadriceps injury in Claremont’s previous match against Swans, on July 13, should be fit for the second semi-final.

Swans were desperate for victory on Saturday to enhance their prospects of appearing in the finals, but apart from a strong opening quarter, they were outplayed and outgeneralled by the Tigers. This was only the second time in 18 matches this year that Swans had been restricted to a score of fewer than ten goals. Their lowest total was the 9.10 they managed against the Tigers in round three on March 30.

The outstanding midfield trio of vice-captains Luke Blackwell and Jake Murphy and Andrew Foster excelled and finished with a combined total of 94 disposals --- 48 kicks and 46 handpasses, while Ryan Neates sparkled on a wing with 18 kicks and five effective handpasses.

The irrepressible Blackwell finished with 18 kicks, 12 effective handpasses, four tackles, eight clearances from stoppages and a match-high tally of eight inside 50s. Foster had ten kicks, 18 effective handpasses, five tackles, five clearances and three inside 50s, while the tireless Murphy had 20 kicks, nine effective handpasses, five tackles, nine clearances and five inside 50s.                                        

Mark Seaby again dominated the ruck contests as well as taking six marks, having nine kicks and making seven effective handpasses. For good measure he booted two goals and made five effective spoils, a tally exceeded only by Handley’s seven.

Laurie was robust and highly dependable in a back pocket and on a half-back flank and he finished with 12 marks, 15 kicks and seven effective handpasses. Tom Taylor, Aaron Holt, Sam Fong, John Williams and James Thomson (who restricted Tony Notte to only one goal) all weighed in with stout0-hearted efforts in defence.

The forward line functioned smoothly, with Ian Richardson and Paul Medhurst each kicking four goals, Hamp three and Chad Jones two. Jack Bradshaw was extremely lively and his 27-disposal effort included five clearances and four inside 50s. Special mention also must go to the disciplined Hugo Breakey, who had the task of tagging dangerous midfielder Matt Riggio. It was a job very well done.

Claremont made a tardy start and Swans, after kicking the first two goals, led by eight points at quarter-time. Following handpasses from Blackwell and Mitch Andrews, in his 50th league appearance for the Tigers, Fong booted the first of Claremont’s 19 goals. The second came two minutes later after Bradshaw handpassed to Jones, who handballed on to Medhurst for a clever snap from the right pocket.

Richardson scored Claremont’s third goal after a forward thrust involving Foster, Handley and Fong.

The scores were level twice and the lead changed hands twice early in the second term, which saw Bradshaw bring up a poster after only 56 seconds. Two minutes later a Hamp pass found Jones for Claremont’s fourth goal. This was the first of five consecutive Claremont goals before Swans replied with their only goal for the quarter, when Dayle Garlett took a mark in the goalsquare at the 26-minute mark.

Claremont’s second goal for the quarter came after busy wingman Nick Winmar passed to Hamp just inside the boundary line a long way out at right half-forward. Then Richardson fought hard for the ball on the ground and got it by hand to Foster for the next goal, from the left flank. Richardson got the next goal from a free-kick 55m out after Blackwell had sent the ball forward.

The ball went back to the centre where Murphy met with interference and received a free-kick. Blackwell accepted the mark and used his left foot to deliver a splendid pass to Hamp for the next major.

Once again it was all Claremont in the third term when the home side added 6.2 to 2.1. The first of these goals was posted after 55 seconds after Jones had marked a pass from Seaby and then a forward thrust initiated by John Williams resulted in the next goal to Matt Davies.

It was then Seaby’s turn as he moved forward, taking a spell from ruck duties. Handpasses from Winmar and Fong ended with A Murphy pass being marked by Seaby in the goalsquare. Just over five minutes later a long Murphy kick from left half-forward saw Seaby take another mark for his second major.              

Andrews joined the party with a wonderful shot from the boundary line in the left pocket after he had received a free-kick for interference at a boundary throw-in, following a forward move involving Murphy, Richardson and Winmar.

Late in the quarter Neates took an advantage free-kick and passed to Hamp for his third goal. And then it was the mercurial Medhurst’s turn to grab the limelight in the final quarter as he booted three goals in the space of nine minutes.

The first of those goals came after Medhurst marked a Blackwell pass. Then Davies drove the ball forward for Richardson to snap a goal. Medhurst got the next two, the first a splendid kick from the right pocket after receiving from Bradshaw. Exactly two minutes later a strong attack on the ball by Fong ended with Richardson gaining possession and booting the ball to Medhurst, who marked and played on to notch his fourth for the afternoon.

Late in the quarter a Blackwell pass found Williams, whose shot grazed a goalpost to register a behind. An errant kick-in saw Richardson pounce and boot his fourth to end a fine day for the Tigers.

By Ken Casellas



Claremont 19.10 (124) beat Swan Districts 9.11 (65).

Scorers---CLAREMONT: P. Medhurst 4.3; I. Richardson 4.0; A. Hamp 3.1; C. Jones, M. Seaby 2.0; S. Fong 1.1; M. Andrews, M. Davies, A. Foster 1.0; J. Bradshaw 0.2; J. Murphy, J. Williams 0.1; 1pt forced. SWAN DISTRICTS: R. Davis 2.1; K. Ugle 2.0; T. Geappen 1.2; D. Garlett, T. Notte, T. Roach, M. Rogers 1.0; C. Cameron, B. Robinson 0.2; N. Blakely, W. Twomey 0.1; 1ptr forced.

Best---CLAREMONT: L. Blackwell, J. Laurie, J. Murphy, A. Foster, R. Neates, M. Seaby, P. Medhurst, T. Handley, S. Fong, T. Taylor, J. Bradshaw. SWAN DISTRICTS: S. Hildebrandt, W. Twomey, N. Broad, G. Jetta, K. Hams, R. Davis.

2013 Holiday Raffle Winners

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - 12:46 PM

The Claremont Football Club would like to thank all who bought tickets in the 2013 Claremont Football Club Holiday Raffle and give a big Congratulations to all of the winners!


Prizes and the lucky winners of these prizes are posted below.


Ticket #6982 - KERRY WILLIAMS

Trip for 2 people to Broome - 5 nights accommodation in a Garden View Studio at THE CABLE BEACH CLUB RESORT & SPA. Where the ocean meets the outback, lies a truly magical place, Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa. Like Broome itself, the award winning resort is a beautiful melting pot of cultural influences and architecture. You’ll also find two swimming pools, one for families, and the other a tranquil haven reserved solely for adults [valid until May 2014] Also included is return airfares for 2 people with SKYWEST AIRLINES. - every Skywest service offers a quality product of meals, in-flight bar and the most spacious legroom in its class of any Western Australian airline...all at no extra cost! [valid until May 2014].





Trip for 2 people to Broome - 3 nights accommodation in a Garden View Studio at THE CABLE BEACH CLUB RESORT & SPA. Where the ocean meets the outback, lies a truly magical place, Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa. Like Broome itself, the award winning resort is a beautiful melting pot of cultural influences and architecture. You’ll also find two swimming pools, one for families, and the other a tranquil haven reserved solely for adults [valid until May 2014] AIRFARES NOT INCLUDED.




Ticket #1333 - ROB JOHNSTON

Two nights accommodation in a Deluxe Room for 2 people at THE TERRACE HOTEL In the heart of the West End of Perth’s CBD, set as the backdrop on a stunning sun dappled terrace, the historic Terrace Hotel is the quintessential experience for accommodation, dining, entertainment and style. Valid until 30/11/13.





1 carton [12 bottles] of 2010 SANDALFORD ESTATE RESERVE CABERNET SAUVIGNON - VINTAGE 2010 was a cracking vintage with some of the most perfect conditions ever seen in Margaret River. Long, slow even ripening conditions lead to marvellous balance between the winemaking parameters of sugar, flavour, acid and secondary compounds such as tannins.




Ticket #6471 - JOE DRABBLE

1 carton [12 bottles] of 2012 SARACEN ESTATE SAUVIGNON BLANC SEMILLON – Pale straw with tinges of green in colour, this wine has soft grassy aroma which is lifted by the addition of 45% Semillon. This Sauvignon Blanc Semillon is fuller on the palate due to the 24% barrel fermentation in older French oak, (on both the SB & Semillon) which adds weight to the mouth feel. A subtle fruit sweetness, with a citrus combination of lemon and lime flavours, brings zing to the palate. This wine is pleasant and easy drinking.



WAFL Round 22 Results

Monday, August 19, 2013 - 5:00 PM

CLOSE matches weren’t the order of the day in WAFL Round 22 action over the weekend but East Perth, Claremont, East Fremantle and South Fremantle all recorded impressive and crucial thumping victories.

The round began on Saturday with East Perth beating Perth 20.16 (136) to 13.10 (88) at Leederville's Medibank Stadium and that saw the Royals improve to third position on the ladder to all but secure a finals position with games against South Fremantle and Subiaco to finish their season.

There were then three matches on Sunday highlighted by East Fremantle thumping West Perth 20.14 (134) to 9.7 (61) in front of 6195 fans at Arena Joondalup with the result seeing the Sharks move up to fourth spot on the ladder.

Swan Districts fell out of the four when Claremont beat the black-and-whites 19.10 (124) to 9.11 (65) at Claremont Oval while South Fremantle hammered Peel Thunder 24.16 (160) to 9.13 (67) at Mandurah's Bendigo Bank Stadium.

Swan Districts beat Claremont on its last visit to Claremont Oval and needed to do so again on Sunday to stay in the top-four.

The black-and-whites started strongly with an eight-point quarter-time lead, but from there Claremont kicked 16 goals to five for the rest of the afternoon to end up winning by 59 points.

Paul Medhurst kicked four goals for Claremont with Ian Richardson adding three as did Anton Hamp with ruckman Mark Seaby and full-forward Chad Jones adding two each.

Luke Blackwell was again outstanding with another 35 possessions with Jake Murphy finishing with 30 disposals, Andrew Foster 30, Jack Bradshaw 27, Ryan Neates 27, Jesse Laurie 22 and Tom Taylor 20.

Ryan Davis and Kirk Ugle both kicked two goals for Swan Districts with Shaun Hildebrandt picking up 32 possessions, Wayde Twomey 28, Kyle Hams 25, Matt Riggio 20, Graham Jetta 20, Tom Roach 20 and Dayle Garlett 19 to go with five tackles and six entries inside 50.



Claremont 19.10.124 def Swan Districts 9.11.65

Claremont 11.14.80 def Swan Districts 11.5.71

Claremont 21.19.145 def Swan Districts 4.3.27

CLICK HERE for more Round 22 WAFL Results

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WAFL Round 22 Preview

Friday, August 16, 2013 - 4:11 PM

ALL four WAFL Round 22 matches across Saturday and Sunday have big implications for spots inside the top-four, with teams trying to stay in touch and indeed at the bottom of the ladder as well.

There is just the one match on Saturday afternoon with East Perth taking on Perth at Leederville's Medibank Stadium before three Sunday games with Peel hosting South Fremantle at Mandurah's Bendigo Bank Stadium, West Perth taking on East Fremantle at Arena Joondalup and Claremont battling Swan Districts at Claremont Oval.



Selected teams

Claremont might have dominated the WAFL competition over the last four years now but it hasn’t been the case against Swan Districts.

Swan Districts again travel to Claremont Oval to take on Claremont this Sunday after beating the Tigers on their home turf back in Round 17 by a commanding 39 points.

While Claremont has all but wrapped up its fourth straight WAFL minor premiership sitting on a 15-2 record with three games to go, Swan Districts has never been an easy obstacle for the Tigers to overcome.

Claremont won the minor premiership in 2010 and won straight through to the grand final with a commanding 50-point second semi-final victory but then Swans pulled off one of the most amazing one-point grand final wins in WAFL history.

Swan Districts had a down year in 2011 with Claremont comfortably winning all three meetings on the way to a premiership but in 2012, Swans pulled off two wins during the season against the Tigers before losing the second semi-final by 32 points.

The Tigers went on to win another premiership last year and then thumped Swans by 61 points in Round 3 at Bassendean's Steel Blue Oval to start the 2013 battles, but the black-and-whites hit back tremendously with a 39-point win back in Round 17.

Now Swans sit in third position on the WAFL ladder following back-to-back wins over Peel Thunder and can further consolidate a finals position with a win over Claremont on Sunday.

However, a loss and an East Perth win over Perth will see Swans drop to fourth and possibly even out of the four altogether if East Fremantle is also able to beat West Perth.

The Tigers regained some encouraging form two weeks ago before the bye with a 28-point win over the fourth-placed East Perth and now the two-time reigning premiers get some star players back as well to take on Swan Districts with.

Dual premiership 175-game veteran Trinity Handley is set to return after breaking his leg in Round 6 against West Perth. The 29-year-old has played two reserves games back and now is right to go against the black-and-whites this week.

Key forward Anton Hamp is also back after missing a week with a sore ankle and he is another important addition to the forward-line having booted 27 goals this season.

Hugo Breakey, Richard Cronin, Liam Smith and Keifer Yu are also fighting for a spot in the Claremont team as they look to impress ahead of another finals campaign.

Claremont does have two important outs, though, with Patrick McGinnity to play for West Coast against Geelong on Saturday night and Alex Silvagni named for Fremantle against Melbourne on Sunday.

There are no outs at this stage in the Swan Districts team that won a thriller over Peel last Saturday in Mandurah with Aaron Elari, Connor Blakely, Aidan Anderson, Nathan Blakely and Ricky Cary all pressing for selection.


CLICK HERE for a full Preview of Round 22 WAFL action.

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2013 WAFL Grand Final Tickets

Friday, August 16, 2013 - 3:56 PM

Tickets are now on sale for the 2013 WAFL Grand Final at Patersons Stadium.

The game will be played at 2.15pm on Sunday September 22.

In 2013, the best WAFL Grand Final seats in the house will be available for pre-purchase online. Fans seeking a great seat are encouraged to pre-purchase their tickets to take advantage of the reduced pre-sale prices and avoid the queues on match day.


Tickets for this match will be on sale as of 9am Thursday, August 15. Tickets can be purchased from Ticketmaster ( or by phoning 1300 135 915.

2013 WAFL Grand Final ticket prices are:


Premium Reserved Seating (Pre-purchase only)

General Admission Seating (Purchase on the day at the gate)







Child (15 & under, 5 & under free)



Family (2 x adult & 3 x child)






*Member may be any WAFL club member


In addition to the WAFL Grand Final, tickets entitle fans access to the Colts Grand Final and the Reserves Grand Final ahead of the main event which bounces down at 2.15pm.

Corporate boxes and suites are also available for purchase. For more information or to download a booking form visit


Semi Finals and Preliminary Finals


The WAFL Semi Finals and Preliminary Finals will be played on the first two Sundays in September:


Sunday, September 8

1st Semi Final

3rd v 4th

2.15pm at home ground of 3rd

2nd Semi Final

1st v 2nd  

2.15pm at home ground of 1st  


Sunday, September 15

Preliminary Final

Winner of 1st Semi v Loser of 2nd Semi

2.15pm at home ground of Loser of 2nd Semi


Finals Ticket Pricing

Ticket Type

Semi Finals

Preliminary Final







Child (Under 16)



WAFL, WCE & FFC Members



Family Pass



Woods Steals The Show

Thursday, August 8, 2013 - 12:26 PM

The match hung tantalisingly in the balance early in the third quarter at Claremont Oval on Saturday morning before forward pocket specialist Jyrin Woods exploded into action and set Claremont on the path to victory over East Perth.

The Tigers, after a miserable first-quarter effort and an improved second term, were clinging to a four-point lead before, in the space of nine minutes and 25 seconds, Woods produced some special magic to kick three goals.

This was the spark which stirred the Tigers out of their slumber and paved the way for a runaway 48-point win which kept the side sailing along in top position on the premiership table with 15 wins from 17 matches.

Woods, who celebrated his 19th birthday early this month, hails from the Royals club in Albany in the heart of Claremont’s Great Southern zone. He finished Saturday’s contest with five goals in a quality display.

Sharing the limelight with Woods were spirited midfielders Jared Hardisty and Alec Waterman, who were outstanding at the stoppages, with Hardisty having ten kicks, 15 effective handpasses, five tackles, seven clearances from stoppages and sending the ball inside his side’s 50m attacking zone six times.

Waterman had 17 kicks (including three goals), six effective handpasses, eight clearances and five inside 50s. He and Hardisty were well supported by the tireless Jordan Law, who played in the unusual role of a half-back flanker in the first half before switching to the midfield. Law finished with nine kicks, ten effective handpasses, five tackles, five clearances and three inside 50s.

Claremont welcomed another debutant in 17-year-old schoolboy Harry Wilkinson, who showed good promise as a forward and on a centre wing.

The Tigers were strangely lethargic and unconvincing in the opening quarter in the fine, sunny conditions, even though Hardisty, Waterman, Harry Court and Joel Fiegert were busy. And Law’s great zest and his spirited tackling in defence prevented East Perth from scoring a lot more than just 3.2 for the first quarter in which the Tigers managed just 1.1.

Claremont’s goal came at the 11-minute mark when Woods received a handpass from Wilkinson.

The Tigers began the second term with a tremendous flurry which produced three goals in the space of 2min. 25sec. This rush of goals started two minutes into the quarter with a marvellous goal from Hardisty from the boundary line at left half-forward.

Claremont gained the clearance at the resultant centre bounce and winger Max Bentley charged forward before booting the next major. Again Claremont won the centre clearance, thanks to a hefty thump forward by ruckman Darcy Cameron, and big Jake Jones booted the first of his two majors.

Claremont then were struck an unfortunate blow when key forward Patrick Wilson injured an ankle and was unable to take any further part in the match. Remarkably, after the goal from Jones the Tigers did not add to their score for 20 minutes. In the final minute of the term Cameron gained the knock at a stoppage and a handpass from Jack Beeck enabled Woods to score a clever goal to reduce East Perth’s lead to four points at half-time.

The lead changed again when Waterman kicked a goal 30 seconds into the third term. Then, six minutes later, came the start of the Woods show.  Harry McCracken started a forward move at half-back. His kick was marked by Bentley, who got the ball to Jack Carruthers, whose kick found Woods.

Woods dashed forward, took a couple of bounces and slammed home his third goal. And just under four minutes later came the highlight of the contest. Winger Mason Whitehead handpassed to centre-half-back Rowen Powell, who booted the ball long into the open spaces on the left wing where the dynamic Woods won the race to the ball. Immediately, East Perth’s Oliver Ryan attempted to tackle the flying Woods, who brushed him aside and broke clear, taking three bounces before kicking a wonderful goal.

East Perth replied with a goal to their lively midfielder Blake Riley. But a minute later Law passed accurately to Court, who drove the ball forward where the unstoppable Woods held a strong contested mark before booting his fifth. Late in the quarter a free-kick enabled East Perth’s Mark Vader kicked a goal and the Tigers went into the final term with a two-goal advantage.

Any chance of East Perth causing an upset faded when Claremont booted four goals in the first ten minutes of the last quarter. Fiegert’s shot from the left pocket slewed across the face of goal, but Court gained possession in the right pocket and snapped truly.

Law snapped the next goal after seizing the ball from a boundary throw-in in the left pocket. The next goal came after Beeck sent the ball forward where Cameron slid on to his knees ton take the mark and then handpass to Waterman for his second. Waterman got his next 55 seconds later after receiving a handpass from Carruthers.

This sequence was broken when Scott Jones took a mark and kicked East Perth’s only goal for the quarter. Claremont then booted the final three goals, with Hardisty receiving a free-kick after applying a great tackle on East Perth’s Matthew Glew and getting the ball on tom Eddie Simpson, whose shot from the left pocket was marked next to the right goalpost by Jake Jones for his second.

Beeck joined the goalscoring party after marking a Cameron kick, following some good work from Powell and Whitehead. And then Court got his second after a forward thrust from Hardisty.

By Ken Casellas



Claremont 16.7 (103) beat East Perth 8.7 (55).

Scorers---CLAREMONT: J. Woods 5.0; A. Waterman 3.2; H. Court 2.1; J. Jones 2.0; J. Law 1.2; J. Beeck, M. Bentley, J. Hardisty 1.0; S. Cameron, J. Carruthers 0.1. EAST PERTH: M. Glew, T. Keitel 2.0; K. Caporn 1.2; B. Riley, M. Vader 1.1; S. Jones 1.0; M. Zambotto 0.1; 2pts forced.

Best---CLAREMONT: J. Hardisty, J. Woods, A. Waterman, J. Beeck, J. Law, H. Court. EAST PERTH: B. Riley, M. Glew, A. Ridley, T. Keitel, C. Giblett, M. Zambotto.

Forwards Share The Load

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 1:37 PM

Sixteen minutes into the third quarter at Claremont Oval on Saturday East Perth were threatening danger as they clawed their way to a three-point lead after having trailed Claremont by 42 points half-way through the second term.

It was then that the dynamic Ian Richardson gained possession backward of centre and booted the ball long down the left flank into open territory where the fleet-footed Nick Winmar led his opponent in the race to the ball, deftly scooped it up one-handed and surged downfield before his long shot was cleverly shepherded through for a goal by Paul Medhurst.

This was Winmar’s third goal for the afternoon, after he had managed just three goals in his previous 15 league matches this season. This was just another wonderful example of the all-round scoring potential of the Tigers.

Claremont have won 15 of their 17 matches and head the premiership table, three matches clear of West Perth and six in front of East Fremantle, Swan Districts, Perth and East Perth, who are engaged in a tense struggle for the third and fourth spots on the table.

The Tigers have kicked more goals (252) than any of the other eight sides in the competition, but they do not have a player in the top five goalscorers. Richardson (38 goals) is in sixth spot, with Chad Jones (30) ninth. Medhurst has kicked 28 for the season, with Anton Hamp (27), Jack Bradshaw (22), Mitch Andrews (13) and Jake Murphy (11) all making useful contributions.

Thirty-six players have represented the club in league ranks this year and 30 of them have kicked goals. This big spread of goalkickers is a perfect example of how the side does not rely exclusively on one, two or three men to kick the bulk of the goals.  It shows that the Claremont players are more than happy to share the load and the way that the side’s forwards assisted each other in Saturday’s contest against East Perth was a joy to behold.

Versatility is an essential ingredient in modern football and the unselfishness shown by the Tigers goes a long way to building morale. Medhurst, Jones, Richardson, Jack Bradshaw, Andrew Foster, Ryan Neates and Matt Davies stood out on Saturday with their disciplined team play in the forward lines.

Claremont shrugged off East Perth’s challenge and scored nine of the final 13 goals of the match to record an impressive 28-point victory. This means that the Tigers are virtually certain to appear in the second semi-final at home at Claremont Oval. To miss out on a home final Claremont would have to lose their final three qualifying matches by big margins and West Perth would have to record three massive victories.

The Tigers have a bye next weekend and then they will meet Swan Districts (at Claremont Oval), Perth (Lathlain Park) and East Fremantle (East Fremantle Oval). West Perth will complete their program with matches against Perth (Moora), East Fremantle (Joondalup) and Swan Districts (Bassendean Oval).

It is axiomatic that forwards cannot be expected to kick goals unless they receive a good supply of the ball from the midfielders, and it was the strength of Claremont’s ruckmen Mark Seaby and Mitch Andrews and the untiring efforts of midfielders Luke Blackwell, Murphy, Foster, Pat McGinnity, Neates, Winmar and Matt Goyder that provided a steady stream of goalkicking opportunities.

Blackwell again was outstanding in his second league appearance after recovering from a serious ankle injury in the round 4 match against East Perth on April 6. He finished with ten marks, 25 kicks, nine effective handpasses, six clearances from stoppages and six inside 50s.

His co vice-captain Jake Murphy produced yet another sterling four-quarter effort of spirited play on the ball, which netted him four marks, 16 kicks, 13 effective handpasses, 11 clearances and two inside 50s.McGinnity and Foster also worked effectively in the midfield.

The Tigers got away to a flying start, with three goals on the board just after the clock had ticked past the six-minute mark of the first quarter. These goals came from Foster (after receiving a free-kick on the left flank), Jones (after outmarking Danny Chartres) and McGinnity (after Murphy had won the centre clearance and got the ball to John Williams, who handballed to Winmar before Bradshaw handpassed to an unattended McGinnity).

Cale Morton replied with a goal for the Royals before defender Jess Laurie drove the Tigers forward where Andrews gained the knock at a bounce down at half-forward and Medhurst  unselfishly handpassed to Winmar for Claremont’s fourth major.

Five minutes later Blackwell passed to Goyder, who handpassed to Winmar, who charged forward and took two bounces before passing to Medhurst, who took the mark and played on to snap accurately.

Late in the quarter Davies was rewarded with a free-kick on the left wing for a strong tackle on Ryan Maldenis. He then combined with Bradshaw and Blackwell to deliver the ball to Foster, whose kick was marked in spectacular fashion by a flying Williams, whose shot at goal sailed out of bounds on the full.

The second term was just 51 seconds old when Bradshaw scored a clever goal from the right pocket at the railway end of the ground to extend Claremont’s lead to 31 points. Josh Smith replied with a goal for East Perth, but the Tigers hit back with goals to Winmar, Medhurst and McGinnity.

Aaron Holt, back in action in the league side, drove the ball out of defence and Medhurst took an excellent mark in the middle of the ground before passing to Jones, whose shot at goal bounced right on the line and back into the goalsquare where Winmar, aided by a block from Williams, got his second goal.

Medhurst’s goal also finished a move started at half-back, this time by Foster, who combined with Andrews, Davies, McGinnity and Goyder to get the ball to Medhurst, who after taking the mark played on to notch his second.  The ball went back to the centre where Andrews tapped the ball to Murphy, who started a move which finished with Blackwell handballing to Winmar, who got the ball on to McGinnity.

Claremont then led by 42 points with the clock showing 13min. 40sec. But the Royals were not to be denied and they piled on five goals in the space of 12 minutes to get within ten points of the home side. At the 30-minute mark Seaby, Blackwell, Richardson and Winmar combined to get the ball to the right pocket where Medhurst took the mark and fired out a handpass to Richardson for a much-needed goal. But East Perth replied a minute later with a goal to Matt Seal. 

The Royals continued to apply considerable pressure at the start of the third quarter and the Claremont backmen stood up manfully, with Alex Silvagni shining with a couple of excellent marks deep in defence.  However, goals to Mitch Fraser and Craig Wulff saw East Perth get to a three-point lead.

This sparked the Tigers into action and they scored the next four goals, starting with Winmar’s great effort on the left flank. Two minutes later Tom Taylor, Neates, Murphy worked hard to get the ball to Jones, who dropped to his knees to take a mark in the right pocket before delivering a splendid short pass to Foster for the next major.

Taylor, Seaby, Blackwell and Neates were involved in the next forward sortie which resulted in a mark to Bradshaw, who passed to a leading Richardson for another goal. A couple of behinds were followed by a goal to Murphy from a free-kick.

Claremont went into the final term with a 17-point advantage which was reduced to just three points after early goals to Smith and Dean Cadwallader. However, the Tigers steadied and added five goals to East Perth’s one to emerge triumphant by 28 points after 122 minutes and 45 seconds of fine football in sunny conditions.

After some strong defensive work, particularly from captain Andrew Browne and Silvagni, Claremont got the first final-quarter goal after 13 minutes when Jones got his second after some good work from Goyder, Richardson and Winmar.

McGinnity gained the centre clearance and Neates, Winmar and Davies combined to get the ball to Jones at right half-forward. Jones dashed forward, drawing the opposition and then sending a wonderful long handpass to Goyder in the goalsquare for the next major.

Claremont again gained the clearance at the centre bounce, with Andrews getting the ball to Winmar. Then Blackwell sent the ball forward and the crowd was brought to its feet by a dazzling flying mid-air mark by Richardson. He promptly posted his side’s 17th goal.

The Tigers finished full of running and they scored the final two goals following centre breaks by Blackwell. The first of these was scored by McGinnity, after he was tackled high, and the second was kicked by Andrews after receiving a free-kick following a move involving McGinnity, Browne and Foster.

By Ken Casellas



Claremont 19.13 (127) beat East Perth 14.15 (99).

Scorers---CLAREMONT: I. Richardson 3.2; N. Winmar 3.1; P. McGinnity 3.0; C. Jones, P. Medhurst  2.1; A. Foster 2.0; J. Murphy 1.2; M. Andrews 1.1; J. Bradshaw, M. Goyder 1.0; M. Davies, R. Neates, M. Seaby, J. Williams 0.1; 1pt forced. EAST PERTH: J. Smith 4.2; C. Morton 3.1; D. Cadwallader, C. Wulff 2.2; M. Seal 1.2; M. Fraser, J. Locantro 1.0; B. Higgins, J. Oakley-Nicholls 0.2; S. Payne 0.1; 1pt forced.

Best---CLAREMONT: L. Blackwell, J. Murphy, I. Richardson, N. Winmar, A. Foster, P. McGinnity, S. Fong, A. Browne. EAST PERTH: B. Lee, S. Payne, J. Oakley-Nicholls, J. Smith, A. Selwood, C. Morton.

WAFL Round 20 Results

Monday, August 5, 2013 - 11:50 AM

EAST Fremantle scored a crucial Round 20 WAFL victory on Saturday to shoot up to third position on the ladder at the expense of Perth and East Perth who both suffered defeats to help the Sharks make their move.

East Fremantle needed to beat Perth to remain a chance to play finals in 2013 after last year's grand final appearance and the Sharks came from behind to get the job done 16.12 (108) to 12.8 (80) at East Fremantle Oval.

East Perth missed a chance to move into the top-four at the same time with the top-of-the-table Claremont recording a hard fought 19.13 (127) to 14.15 (99) at Claremont Oval.

South Fremantle recorded its fourth win of the season downing Subiaco 16.10 (106) to 14.14 (98) at Leederville's Medibank Stadium and West Perth beat Peel Thunder 17.12 (114) to 9.11 (65) at Arena Joondalup.

Claremont started well against East Perth with five goals to one in the first quarter but the Tigers were unable to shake a Royals team desperate to win and return to the top-four.

East Perth was back within two goals by half-time and then hit the front during the second half, but the Tigers finished strongly to run out 28-point winners in the end.

West Coast's Patrick McGinnity returned for Claremont and finished with 26 possessions and three goals with Nick Winmar and Richardson booting three goals apiece, and Paul Medhurst, Andrew Foster and Chad Jones all two.

Luke Blackwell was outstanding for Claremont with 36 possessions with Jake Murphy racking up 34 disposals, Foster 22, Richardson 21 and returning captain Andrew Browne 21.

Josh Smith booted four goals for East Perth to maintain his lead atop the Bernie Naylor Medal race with West Coast's Cale Morton booting three majors, Craig Wulff two and Dean Cadwallader two.

Brendan Lee racked up 27 possessions for the Royals, Adam Selwood 26, Matt Rosa 22 and Steven Payne 21.

The ruck battle was a fascinating, and in the end even one, with East Perth's Paul Johnson having 13 possessions and 20 hit outs and Claremont's Mark Seaby 15 and 28.

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Claremont 19.13.127 def East Perth 14.15.99

Claremont 15.16.106 def East Perth 6.8.44

Claremont 16.7.103 def East Perth 8.7.55

WAFL Round 20 Preview

Friday, August 2, 2013 - 9:29 PM

ALL four matches of Round 20 of the 2013 WAFL season are on Saturday afternoon highlighted by two massive clashes featuring teams in the top-four or trying to get back in there.

Top-of-the-table Claremont hosts an East Perth team at Claremont Oval looking to break back into the top-four while East Fremantle must beat Perth at East Fremantle Oval to keep its season alive as well.

The other two matches sees Subiaco take on South Fremantle at Leederville's Medibank Stadium and West Perth hosting Peel Thunder at Arena Joondalup. The third-placed Swan Districts has the bye but could finish the weekend out of the four.


Selected teams

Claremont might be well and truly safe atop the WAFL ladder but the Tigers do want to reach their best form ahead of the finals but for East Perth the Royals simply need to win in order to return to the top-four.

Claremont sits on a 14-2 record to be three games on top of the ladder, but it has been some time since the Tigers have been able to field what they would consider anything near their best 22 or play at their best.

The minor premiership is still theirs for the fourth straight season as they hunt out a third successive premiership, but best form heading into the finals is now coach Marc Webb's focus and he will want to see a strong performance against East Perth on Saturday.

East Perth, though, simply just needs to win.

The Royals had won five straight matches heading into last Saturday's derby with West Perth which they went on to lose by 30 points having not scored a goal in the second half.

That saw East Perth slip outside of the top-four behind Swan Districts and Perth so the Royals must win this Saturday to return to the four and avoid potentially slipping a game and percentage behind Perth.

Claremont and East Perth have met just the once this season back in Round 4 at Medibank Stadium in Leederville with the Tigers prevailing that day by 54 points, but the Royals have been a vastly improved side since then.

Claremont might lose key forward Anton Hamp to an ankle injury from last week's win in the mud over Subiaco, but four star players are set to return for the Tigers as they look to gear up for their assault on a third straight WAFL premiership.

Fremantle's Alex Silvagni is set to return after being overlooked by the Dockers and he will likely play down back and will be especially welcome with veteran David Crawford to miss another game.

Captain Andrew Browne has likely been in career-best form this season averaging 23 possessions a game and after missing just the one game with a quad injury suffered in the Round 17 loss to Swan Districts, the skipper is set to return to take on the Royals on Saturday.

Premiership half-back Aaron Holt is also due to return to the side after one game in the reserves last week after missing a month with injury while West Coast midfielder Patrick McGinnity is also to return so that is four pretty handy inclusions for the Tigers.

East Perth lost its first match since Round 10 last week against West Perth at Arena Joondalup, but came through the derby with a clean bill of health.

This week to take on the Tigers, only Rowan Brookes is out of the Royals line-up at this stage with West Coast's Matt Rosa set to return with Callum Hart, Julian Locantro and Steven Wityk all pressing a case for selection as well.

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